Bwog Video Presents College Talk – Bacchanal

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Fresh off their foray into the Teacher’s College, Bwog Video returns with another installment of the College Talk series. The Bacchanal rumors continue to buzz, so we hit the streets, or steps rather, to find out who you want, or really don’t want, in your ideal Bacchanal lineup.

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  1. domore  

    videos like this! i like seeing Columbia faces!

  2. In the credits  

    Cinematographer? I think you meant "guy video taping with iPhone".

  3. 3eb 4EVER  

    EXCUSE YOU! 3eb is a national treasure......

  4. Blunts in Butler  

    Can we get Neon Indian or the Flaming Lips? I gotta have something to trip balls to...

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