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why must the good die young???

The initial #FindFishy post, written a year ago from Wednesday.

A little over one year ago, some bastards stole Chelsea G’s fish and the mission to #FindFishy began. How such a brilliant and majestic beta fish as Fishy could go unfound is yet a mystery and a tragedy for poor Chelsea G, resident of John Jay 6 at the time of the disappearance. Honoring Fishy and the anniversary of his absence, Chelsea G posted the following to her Facebook yesterday:

“Dear friends,

One year ago today, tragedy struck in Columbia University’s John Jay Hall. My first pet, the humble and belovedFishy, was STOLEN from my dorm room.

Yes, I know, how could ANYONE BE SO CRUEL…?

Alas, I have accepted Fishy’s fate. I miss him no less now than I did 1 year ago today, but time passes and wounds heal (however slowly).

That being said, #FindFishy is no more; instead, #RIPFishy is the accepted hashtag on the anniversary of his disappearance.

Thank you for everyone who supported me last year during that rough time!


Let’s keep Fishy in our thoughts today and forever, everyone. Let’s keep Chelsea G in our thoughts.

#FindFishy via Chelsea G; bless her heart.

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  1. Anonymous

    I took him. FUCK dat fish.

  2. A gentle correction  

    She lived on JJ 6

  3. Anonymous

    One last miserable attempt to squeeze a story out of this ridiculous, albeit sad, chain of events. Wow Bwog

  4. Anonymous  

    Wait I'm drunk, and now I'm sad :(

  5. Anonymous  

    Wait this was still a thing...? Bwog really ran out of articles to write huh

  6. One of columbia's weirder mysteries

    add to the list

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