Bwog does it for Mother Russia

Bwog does it for Mother Russia

While Columbia may not be sending too many athletes to the Olympics, a school can dream. It boost morale and remind everyone to watch the insane figure skaters, unathletic Bwoggers hit the Butler for their daily exericse of walking up the stairs to the 3rd floor to ask the Butler patrons what sport they would play if they were in the Olympics, or what they would like to see if they went.

3rd Floor

  • Soccer! Oh for the Winter Olympics?! Figure skating, but I can’t actually do it.
  • Skiing, I guess

4th Floor

  • Sleep
  • For Russia because I majored in Russian Studies
  • To See Shaun White!

6th Floor

  • I’m not athletic. I don’t care. (Our point exactly)
  • Prolonged eye contact proceeding only by “sex”
  • Football? I guess that’s in the Olympics, right?
  • Sleep
  • Ice skating.. is that allowed?
  • Field Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling


  • Hockey. I’m looking for a Miracle repeat.
  • Curling definitely
  • I would not go to Sochi. Sochi is a fucked up place.

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