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All about the Benajmins

As you rolled out of bed this Friday, we know there was only one thing on your mind: the Doritos spilled all over your room the mysterious hat you found in your bed if seabirds can digest seawater and if they can’t then how do they find fresh water the CCSC budget. Us too. Namely, the fact that the class of 2014 (the class with the largest budget) has more than $9,000 more than the class of 2016 (the class with the smallest budget). That’s right: the class of 2014 has a budget of $10,185, while the class of 2016 has a measly $650. We’ve been told by a student council member that we can go ahead and chalk the difference up to 2016’s frugality, collaborating on events, and wanting to save money for spring events (major declaration, a formal, buying class apparel), but $9,000 is quite a substantial gap. That’s quite a bit of frugality. Here’s the full report.

To illustrate the difference, we’ve put together a list of things that the classes of 2014 and 2016 could buy with their respective budgets:

Things the Class of 2014 Could Buy With Their Riches:

  • 2,037 beers
  • A tiger (but just a normal one, not a white one)
  • Maybe a small island with nothing on it (we’re not sure how much crappy islands are going of these days)
  • 40,740 marbles
  • Probably get Beyonce to make the shortest appearance of her life

Things the Class of 2016 Could Buy With Their Pocket Change:

historical hottie via Shutterstock