The eBear going instinct.

Big things happened at Barnard’s SGA meeting this past Monday night. Barnard Bearoness Lauren Beltrone thinks you should know about them.

Yes, you heard right. The eBear, a slovenly yet majestic creature, is predicted to be extinct by the end of midterms this March. Barnard College Information Technology said that they’ll be officially shutting down the site to make way for (which is already a thing, so go check it out if you haven’t already). BCIT also recommends that you spend time on the new site before the transition so that you have the opportunity to give them some much-appreciated feedback.

In other news, a group of people at Columbia called the Lion Credit Union Initiative are starting a credit union. Apparently, Georgetown created a university-wide credit union for students and alums back in 1982 and it’s working pretty well, so we thought we’d give it a try. The two reps from LCUI explained that in order to gain recognition as a student-run credit union for student groups by 2015, they need all four of the undergraduate students councils approval. SGA representatives decided to meet with LCUI at a later time to discuss the endeavor in even greater detail.

Speaking of large amounts of money, the top four proposals as to how to use Barnard’s endowment money have been decided. The finalists include:

  • Creating a safe space student lounge
  • Installing a dry erase board installed on the 2nd floor of Altschul
  • Building a mini gym in a dorm (which dorm is still TBD)
  • Closing in the Diana rooftop for student access

Bwog is kind of disappointed that the 3D printer idea didn’t make the cut, but hey, c’est la vie.

Lastly, SGA wants to remind you that nominations for the Student Leadership Award close on March 1st. This means you have the chance to nominate any professor or student whom you think make an impact on the campus community this year. It’s kind of like a long, elaborate Columbia Admirers post that actually means something!

Farewell, sweet prince via Shutterstock.