Bwog’s lifeblood is institutional memory. Britt Fossum delved into the archives of the RBML just in time for #tbt.

This week’s edition just kind of happened by accident. One of the boxes of historical photographs of Columbia in the rare books and manuscript library is labelled simply Columbia: Traditions. Within this box were pictures of various Columbia clubs, publications, and “rush.” And a section simply named “Beanies,” similar at first glance to the fancy SEAS beanies all new engineers get, but actual the more traditional freshman beanies. And within this box was a series in honor of 1954, when six pairs of twins enrolled at Columbia University (Barnard and the College). Apparently this was interesting enough to make the news.

Caption on the back of final photograph reads:

SIX PAIRS OF TWINS STARTLE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY CAMPUS –Emulating coin tossers in a recent movie, Columbia and Barnard College freshman twins cast pennies into the fountain, praying for high marks rather than true love. (Left to right) — Roger and Elliot Sacks, Dennis Brooke, Ronald and Roger Kessel, Derek Brooks, Judith Wapnick, Bradley Howard, Barbara Wapnick, Bruce Howard, and Henry and Albert Barbour. The Barbour twins are from Wollaston, Mass., and the Howards from Danielson, Conn. Yonkers, N.Y. contributes the Brooks twins. The others are from New York city. This year’s six sets of twins breaks the record for twins on the Columbia Campus. Photo was taken today (Wednesday during registration for fall term).