"I'll see you in 2018... or else"

“I’ll see you in 2018… or else”

Prospies are getting ever more aggressive. We found a 13-year-old prospective applicant for what we presume to be the class of who the fuck cares 2022. Anyway, the user NMJerry100 posted the following on “the largest student community in the world.”

Hi, I am 13 years old and I am determined to apply to Columbia University in New York. I’ve already lived in NY for around 6 years so I am willing to go back. Because I want to go there, I want to get very good grades in school but I always get 6 or 7 out of 8 and I want to get 8 all the time. How can I do that?

Jay2013 responds:

By revising?

Possible questions include: why are these people grading out of eight? Who is NMJerry100—is NMJerry100 a 13 year-old New Mexican or is he some kind of sick, twisted, 100 year old Columbia alum, or a bored british kid? And has anyone heard of this website, thestudentroom.co.uk? Other topics on this website include “has feminism become a joke,” “Good DSLR for beginners,” and “The 2014 Oxford rejections thread.” Hmm.

Here’s what we do know: Bwog wants eights, too.

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