Where Should You Study/Procrastinate?

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We love to hate tests.
We love to hate tests.

We love to hate quizzes.

Sometimes Bwog just wants to be Buzzfeed. So keeping with their tradition of making meaningless quizzes that have no effect on your daily life whatsoever, here is a quiz of our own. Answer the following questions and add up your score at the end to determine which Columbia library you should be inside of.


Read the following questions, and choose each answer that best fits describes you inspires you we actually don’t give a fuck. Just choose some answers.

1. What best describes your underwear?

  • a) What underwear?
  • b) Dirty.
  • c) Basically just a string, maybe with some lace.
  • d) I got it in a bargain pack.

2. If you had a superpower what would it be?

  • a) The ability to turn any liquid into coffee.
  • b) The ability to remember everything I have ever learned.
  • c) The power to make anyone I want sleep with me (unfortunately just platonically).
  • d) The ability to attend Columbia on a full scholarship.


3. What is do you hate most in the world?

  • a) Slow walkers. Speed the fuck up yo.
  • b) When  headphones get tangled in my pocket, right after I put them away.
  • d) Make up classes.

4. When you get drunk, you:

  • a) Go to Mel’s and get locked in the bathroom.
  • b) Get halal, vomit, and then pass out in my friend’s bed.
  • c) Party until last call and wonder why I never make it to my 10 am class.
  • d) I don’t drink, I study.

5. What websites do you have bookmarked?

  • a) Facebook, because I can’t spell.
  • b) Chegg, because I was partying until last call.
  • c) [email protected] because it’s pretty useful.
  • d) Courseworks. Why doesn’t it ever show up on Google for me?!?!

6. What was your first thought in the morning?

  • a) “Fuck I never turned in my paper.”
  • b) “Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee.”
  • c) “I should go to the gym today… Nah, I shouldn’t.”
  • d) “I think I’m still drunk.”

7. Why are you still taking this quiz?

  • a) Because I honestly want to know what library I should study in!
  • b) I have no idea, this sucks.
  • c) I don’t want to do my problem set.
  • d) Where am I?

8. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • a) Rich
  • b) Wealthy
  • c) Powerful
  • d) I want to help others and give back to the world.

Now add up your total number of points. Answering A is worth 0 points, B is worth 2 points, C is worth 4 points, and D, 6 points. If your total number of points is from:

0-8:  Butler – Bwog is truly sorry. Have fun trying to find a seat.

9-16: NoCo – This place sure is pretty, but you better hope your laptop doesn’t die, because fuck trying to get those extension cord things.

17-23: Avery – Where is this again?

24: Law Library – Fuck you.

25-33: Kent – Okay, you must be a studious sort of fellow. We respect that.

34-41: Lehman – While it is quite the trek to get here, and while SIPA students can be total dicks, you are gonna have the study of your life.

42-48: One of those other ones  – yeah

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  1. Anonymous  

    Got to the end, realized adding was involved. Quit.

  2. Anonymous

    how much time did you spend making this quiz cuz i decided not to take it

  3. respect  


    Qyiz was awesome, please respect

  4. hmm  

    being poor enough to receive a "full scholarship" to columbia is only a superpower in that it takes insane willpower and dedication to end up here coming from a low-income background... i don't think it's something most people really wish for lol.

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