Partly Cloudy Afternoon of the Soul

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Changing socks in the library...ew.

Here at Bwog we are eager reluctant to single out people for their shameful behavior.  But sometimes things happen on this campus that we simply can’t ignore, and alerting our readers is the least we can do.  Here are the two latest additions to Bwog’s Wall of Shame.

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  1. Come on  

    Bwog... This is inappropriate. You know that.

  2. Anonymous

    Lol Asians they're so weird swear to god they're from another planet

  3. Emily  

    This is terrible. If someone is making you uncomfortable, either remove yourself from the situation or talk to them privately. I am sure if you actually talked to the guy clipping nails personally and asked him not to clip nails in class because it makes you squeamish, he would say okay. Publishing photos of fellow students online with the intent to make fun of them is not only cruel, but it makes everyone feel more self conscious going about their daily business. Please be nice to one another - we are all struggling through school together!

    • umm

      people deserve to feel self conscious if they're doing super un-hygienic things like this. this is just not socially acceptable.

      • Emily  

        No one "deserves" to be publicly made fun of because they did something kinda gross.

        • Anonymous  

          i guess we'll have to agree to disagree then

          speaking of which, i am so tired of all the anti-shaming shaming on this campus. jesus christ.

          • Give me a break  

            Shaming has, at best, a shaky foundation when it is a last resort. If someone refuses to act appropriately despite repeated entreaties for change (and offers of help if the change requires serious effort), a case could be made for a little public ridicule. However, if you decide to pull the shaming card without exhausting all other options first, you're an asshole and I have no time for you.

            I don't know what happened between the photographers and the two subjects, but I doubt their permissions were secured before their photos were taken or before these photos were then published on a visible school forum. I doubt the photographer even took the time to initially ask them to stop. Unhygienic behavior may not be socially acceptable, but being a passive-aggressive tool is even more unacceptable.

            If this is some sort of staged PSA, then the point is moot for this particular instance. However, it still stands in general. We're only here for four(-ish) years, people. Let's try not to act like a bunch of jerks.

  4. Eric  

    Are you serious? This post is ridiculous and needs to be taken down asap. You are publicly humiliating other students on campus. Grow the fuck up Bwog.

  5. Are you serious?  

    If you're too big a coward to say something in person, I guess it's not that big a deal, is it?

    This is pathetic, Bwog.

  6. HOW  

    is this legal......publishing pics of people w/out permission!?!??!

  7. Anonymous

    this is mean and unnecessary. is it really worth humiliating people for clickbait, bwog?

  8. SoUnnecessary  

    Bwog, do we really need this sort of post? "Public shaming" is silly, mean and ineffective.

  9. anon  

    I for one think that we should do more public shaming on this campus. People are do such stupid things and need to be called out for it. Hey kid who asked the teacher in the middle of class if she could write him a letter of recommendation screw you, hey kid who eats food in class and leaves her garbage behind screw you, hey kids taking group selfies on their macbook pro in the middle of lecture screw you,

  10. This is a great post  

    Because public shaming our peers with identifiable pictures of individuals is a great way to promote a healthy campus community.

  11. Equality  

    Of course they're both white cis males! Yet again, Colunbia's racialized heteronormative bias is on full display in this post. When will we see trans people of color clipping their toenails on bwog?

    Also, f#ck Jared Leto

    • eyeroll  

      left is Asian and also shut up. don't make activist agendas and terms which are very real to many people into a joke.

      • Equality  

        Wow, I completely reject your racial essentialism!

        And I'm sure you feel the same when John Stewart rips the Tea Party a new one too, right? Don't want to make jokes about any activist group now!

        • Equality  

          And, for the (anonymous) record, the joke was clearly intended to poke fun not at the brave transgender individuals who advocate to change our indeed discriminatory, oppressive and ultimately grotesque social conditions towards the LGBTQ community, but rather at humorless people, like you.

  12. David Hume  

    More of these plz!

  13. Regina George  

    Burn Book is like, so 2004

  14. lost faith  

    in sarah faith

  15. ally  

    This is truly awful. Do we really need to publicly shame people?

  16. Bwog  

    Take this down, or one day it's going to be you up there

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