Housing Reviews 2014: East Campus Townhouse

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Housing approacheth. And, unless you’re on top of it, it’s probably coming up sooner than you think. Bwog’s got you covered; we’ll be rolling out two housing reviews per day until no residence hall is left un-reviewed. Prepare to get (even more) excited: this year, we’re reviewing Barnard residence halls, too. Reviews for all! Today’s residence hall is… the EC Townhouse!


E stands for everclear (jk)

u want 2 live in ec how unique


Location: 70 Morningside Dr.

  • Nearby dorms: Wien. Plimpton, sort of.
  • Stores and restaurants: HamDel, Appletree Market, SubsConscious, Kitchenette, Flat Top, that super nice Halal Guy

Cost: $9,076/year


  • AC/Heating: Yes to both!
  • Kitchen/Lounge: The kitchens are well-outfitted and recently remodeled. The island space in the center of the kitchen offers copious counter-top space, making it possible for multiple people to cook in the kitchen at once. It also serves as an excellent bar.
  • Computers/Printers: Labs with a printer are on the 10th and 18th floors of the high rises.
  • Bathrooms: 1:6 bathroom to person ratio. This can get to be a lot. Each bathroom comes with a shower, two sinks, and a toilet in a stall (you can poop while someone showers!)
  • Gym: You can make a trek to the highrises, right next door, to use their cardio machines. Or just make the walk to Dodge.
  • Intra-transportation: Just one flight of stairs to get to the upper townhouses, while the ground level are… on the ground.
  • Wi-Fi: Yes.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Renovated suites have all-hardwood floors and a linoleum kitchen floor. Other suites have carpeted rooms, and the hallway and lounge is carpeted.
  • Laundry: Machines everywhere!
  • Storage: There is tons of space for storage. There is a coat closet, and possibly up to two other additional closets. And this doesn’t count your bedroom.

Room Variety: 

  • Mainly six-person suites with six singles, some with four singles and a double
  • There are a handful of four-person, four single suites.


  • 2 in 4 Person Suite (All Sgl) w/RA: 30/2062
  • 3 in 4 Person Suite (All Sgl) w/RA: 30/1424
  • 4 in 6 Person Suite (All Sgl) w/RA: 30/1309
  • 4 Singles: 30/580
  • 6-Person Suite (4 Sgl / 1 Dbl): 30/2752
  • 6-Person Suites (all singles): 30/1927

Bwog Recommendation:

  • Similarly to an EC Highrise, this is a great location for seniors, and is pretty hard to beat (maybe Hogan?). You might not get a view, but they are extremely accessible and have huge amounts of space.

Resident Opinions:

  • “It isn’t soundproof that’s for sure. As in, I could probably throw away my alarm clock because I always wake up at 8:00am because of some guy’s iPhone next door.”
  • “Facing campus means great light almost all day, facing inward means you appear to be living in a dim murk for all of existence.”
  • “Yeah the mice thing is a real problem.”
  • “Sharing a single bathroom between six people usually works out–if you never actually have to use the bathroom. Otherwise, you’ll soon find yourself toying with the idea of purchasing a chamberpot.”
  • “The bathrooms are a little janky, but otherwise they are awesome.”
  • “EC townhouses are a MUST for anyone who likes throwing parties. The combination of generous space and prime location is unbeatable for cocktails, shindigs, soirees, and even clambakes.”
  • “If you have a choice, pick an upper townhouse facing Harlem (not campus), and remember that the top floor of the upper townhouses faces the courtyard — not the beautiful view of the East Side that the lower and middle room floors have!”
  • “#windtunnel”


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  1. Anon  

    Can a group of six rising juniors register as a group, and then pick into corridor singles near each other during Group Selection? Or should we just do Online Selection?

  2. hm  

    do these usually get taken during regroup? is that why the cutoff is so low? or is it just that people prefer highrises?

  3. curious  

    do any of the dorms actually not have wifi anymore?

  4. Bwog just  

    turned Oprah with housing reviews huh

  5. Anonymous  

    which suites are / aren't renovated?

  6. Anonymous  

    which ones are renovated? help

  7. Anonymous

    help - where are the 6 person all single townhouses located? where do they face?

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