Housing approacheth. And, unless you’re on top of it, it’s probably coming up sooner than you think. Bwog’s got you covered; we’ll be rolling out two housing reviews per day until no residence hall is left un-reviewed. Prepare to get (even more) excited: this year, we’re reviewing Barnard residence halls, too. Reviews for all! Today’s residence hall is… the EC Townhouse!


E stands for everclear (jk)

u want 2 live in ec how unique


Location: 70 Morningside Dr.

  • Nearby dorms: Wien. Plimpton, sort of.
  • Stores and restaurants: HamDel, Appletree Market, SubsConscious, Kitchenette, Flat Top, that super nice Halal Guy

Cost: $9,076/year


  • AC/Heating: Yes to both!
  • Kitchen/Lounge: The kitchens are well-outfitted and recently remodeled. The island space in the center of the kitchen offers copious counter-top space, making it possible for multiple people to cook in the kitchen at once. It also serves as an excellent bar.
  • Computers/Printers: Labs with a printer are on the 10th and 18th floors of the high rises.
  • Bathrooms: 1:6 bathroom to person ratio. This can get to be a lot. Each bathroom comes with a shower, two sinks, and a toilet in a stall (you can poop while someone showers!)
  • Gym: You can make a trek to the highrises, right next door, to use their cardio machines. Or just make the walk to Dodge.
  • Intra-transportation: Just one flight of stairs to get to the upper townhouses, while the ground level are… on the ground.
  • Wi-Fi: Yes.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Renovated suites have all-hardwood floors and a linoleum kitchen floor. Other suites have carpeted rooms, and the hallway and lounge is carpeted.
  • Laundry: Machines everywhere!
  • Storage: There is tons of space for storage. There is a coat closet, and possibly up to two other additional closets. And this doesn’t count your bedroom.

Room Variety: 

  • Mainly six-person suites with six singles, some with four singles and a double
  • There are a handful of four-person, four single suites.


  • 2 in 4 Person Suite (All Sgl) w/RA: 30/2062
  • 3 in 4 Person Suite (All Sgl) w/RA: 30/1424
  • 4 in 6 Person Suite (All Sgl) w/RA: 30/1309
  • 4 Singles: 30/580
  • 6-Person Suite (4 Sgl / 1 Dbl): 30/2752
  • 6-Person Suites (all singles): 30/1927

Bwog Recommendation:

  • Similarly to an EC Highrise, this is a great location for seniors, and is pretty hard to beat (maybe Hogan?). You might not get a view, but they are extremely accessible and have huge amounts of space.

Resident Opinions:

  • “It isn’t soundproof that’s for sure. As in, I could probably throw away my alarm clock because I always wake up at 8:00am because of some guy’s iPhone next door.”
  • “Facing campus means great light almost all day, facing inward means you appear to be living in a dim murk for all of existence.”
  • “Yeah the mice thing is a real problem.”
  • “Sharing a single bathroom between six people usually works out–if you never actually have to use the bathroom. Otherwise, you’ll soon find yourself toying with the idea of purchasing a chamberpot.”
  • “The bathrooms are a little janky, but otherwise they are awesome.”
  • “EC townhouses are a MUST for anyone who likes throwing parties. The combination of generous space and prime location is unbeatable for cocktails, shindigs, soirees, and even clambakes.”
  • “If you have a choice, pick an upper townhouse facing Harlem (not campus), and remember that the top floor of the upper townhouses faces the courtyard — not the beautiful view of the East Side that the lower and middle room floors have!”
  • “#windtunnel”