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We’re in the news for a good thing! Yesterday, Buzzfeed posted 28 images from “Feminism Is,” a photo project by the Columbia Dems. Over 80 people turned out on Wednesday to pose with a whiteboard explaining what feminism meant to them. The event is part of a greater Women in Media project coordinated by the Dems. Check out some of the pictures from their Facebook below. Also today is International Women’s Day, and it got an awesome Google Doodle.

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  1. Anonymous  


  2. feminism?  

    is that like vegetarianism?

  3. Anonymous

    "Feminism... not something that should be laughed at when a guy says he's one. It should be normal."

    -Perhaps not, but your handwriting is a joke.

    Also, can't help but notice that many of the guys seem to be lacking in masculinity/testosterone.

  4. Google it.  

    Women's day is March 8, not today!!! Tomorrow!

  5. Arsene Wenger

    I need feminism because the Arsenal ladies squad is the only one that actually wins trophies and no one notices

  6. RePete  

    If women really were "equal" they would not be begging for whatever scraps we are willing to throw at them, they would just take what they want as men do. Ask yourself this, why is it that men have formed the world into what it is without the aid of women (we are able to enforce our will without the aid of the weak female), but would the female gender be able to accomplish all of the things men have (won wars, built cities, moved mountains etc.) without the aid of men? Would a completely female military be able to go up against an all male force, and win? No, I think not, so all that is going on now is interlopers wanting "equality" now that all the heavy lifting is done and most things are technology dependent. Feminism is an evil lie, meant to destroy the fabric of the nuclear family, don't fall for it. Now shut your ungrateful pie holes and go make me a sammich!

  7. Anonymous

    most of these statements are pretty basic. more people should take a WGS class and get that next-level feminism

  8. Anonymous  

    Feminism has become a parody of left-wing insanity. It primarily engages in making up fake statistics to support its theories and then branding certain individuals with thought-crime if they disagree. For example, it's statistically unbelievable that 25% of college aged women have been raped during the course of their undergraduate studies. To put it in perspective, about 50% of women in certain parts of the congo have been raped. The congo is one of the world's most active war zones, where rape is openly used as a weapon of genocide. Can anyone seriously believe that US college campuses are only 2x as safe as a country torn apart by civil war? Ridiculous. And yet, if I were to voice my opinion anywhere else than through an anonymous internet connection, I would be OJA'd for my thought crimes.

    Another myth is that women earn 75 cents per dollar earned by men. This is only if you take a straight comparison between all women and all men. Anyone in a basic econometrics class knows you have to control for degree earned, hours worked, jobs taken etc. when running the calculation. In fact when you do control for these factors, you see that women who work the same hours, have the same degree, and work the same job as their male counterparts actually make slightly more money.

    • Really?  

      Please give me a source for the claim that women make more than their equally qualified male counterparts. I'd be very interested in seeing it! I don't mean this in a condescending way. It's just that this is what I want to research in grad school.

      Also, the way that you define rape matters for your argument. If you define rape as someone performing sexual actions on someone who cannot consent to them (drunk, passed out, drugs), then it's pretty believable that 25% of college-aged women (AND men) have been raped. Yes, it's not even close to as violent as what happens in other areas of the world, but it's still someone losing control of who has access to the most intimate portions of their bodies.

      • Anonymous  

        I'm not the previous poster, but here is a short video on it:

      • Anonymous  

        I mean, if you really want to research it in grad school, I feel like a little googling isn't outside the realm of possibility.. The statistic is an extremely reductionist look at a topic, wage gap based on gender, that makes it pretty much useless as a metric. However controlling for something doesn't make it go away either. A topic of research could be Why do women go in to less profitable careers, and why are those careers less profitable in the first place? What are the roles of different agents in this outcome etc.

        It's not as if my colleagues and I will have different salaries in grad school based on our gender.

        Of course, one can perhaps start with who gives birth and our amazing maternity/paternity leave system at America... It works really well! /s

        Your second point is very correct though. Sure we could differentiate the types of rape, (and we already do at a very basic level,) but this doesn't change the fact that something doesn't have to be a violent and savage display of dominance to be terribly wrong and painful. Also, just because you can't believe a statistic doesn't make it less true.

  9. lol

    men == women

    men < (women, children, dogs, fish, dirt)

    Feminism is a once productive and necessary advocacy group that accomplished more than they ever dreamed with the help of men, and then turned into a hate group. I'd like to see these Feminist men in the wake of a divorce, let's see how hard you want to stand for women's rights when they strip you of all of yours.

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