Sachems: By Your Pictures And Not By Your Names

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“By your deeds and not by your words shall you be known.”

Or so reads the Sachems‘ website. Did we think to look for a website? Dammit, no. Frankly, we’re a bit over posting more lists of people who are trying to do cool things for Columbia—like to raise money for ambulances or scholarships, and to help “Columbia University in the City of New York” rival Yale’s pretentiousness. But who doesn’t love a good party?

Enter You need a login and a password to access the main site, but you can see for yourself the photo album from their “Gala Centennial Celebration,” held at the University Club in Midtown in October 2013—though WikiCU says that the Sachems were founded in 1915. As their website notes: “Password: deedsnotwords.”

We sure do see some of our favorite student leaders in the 569 photos from the party. Here’s a sampling. That alumni base, though.

Pictures via Dennis O’Claire Photography

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  1. Anonymous  

    bwog on fire

  2. Anonymous Sachem  


  3. sick of bwog posting non-news

    this says more about bwog's (i.e. alexandra svokos's and connor skelding's) pathetic obsession, jealousy, and poor judgment than it does about any of these people. let's not pretend for one second that if svokos or skelding HAD been tapped that they wouldn't have joined these organizations willingly and happily, or that any of this would be happening. congrats to both the nacoms and the sachems for dodging that bullet, btw.

    also, p.s. skelding and svokos, if you think that this attempt at "journalism" is making either of you look good professionally, maybe you should've considered the hundreds of established journalist alums that you just rubbed the wrong way :) happy job hunt yall and have fun muckraking for People magazine!

  4. disappointed  

    maggie tapped the wrong speccie

  5. overall  

    I know a few of these people and they, and the rest I'm sure, are good, kind-hearted, excellent folks, but this all really is just the apotheosis of pretentious elitism. If they're doing any "good things," it's probably more to counteract residual guilt about their existence than anything else. Institutions with the actual purpose of bettering things have accountability structures in place and these societies have none. So I'm really dubious that their existence is more beneficial to Columbia than it is just overall frivolous, arbitrary, and alienating. Obviously, I admit that I have no idea what I would have done had I been in their position (in all likelihood I would have been also drunk from the hype, glamorous peerage, and self-esteem boost like them!) but both the Nacoms and Sachems should really consider disbanding if they actually want to do this campus any favors. I just feel like their very existence goes against the things Columbia has tried to stand for. It's actually pretty disillusioning to know that they're here, really, and I don't know if it's made better or worse by the fact that I truly respect a lot of their members .

  6. holy shit  

    "your deeds and not by your words" holy shit sachems get OVER yourselves you are not batman you are not the hero we need or deserve or ever fucking asked for you elitist rich kids

  7. Junius Brutus Columbianus

    And this is why we don't allow electronics at our meetings.

  8. I'm sorry...  

    all this bickering and have we acknowledge who these people actually are?

  9. Serpent

    So Columbia has secret societies, scholars programs with massive perks that the rest of us don't get access to, and secret scholarships that nobody tells us about. I know which school I won't be donating a dime to. Not a penny, not a sixpence.

  10. In The Know  

    That's not the real list of Sachems. Here is their membership:
    1. Wilfred Chan
    2. Wilfred Chan
    3. Wilfred Chan
    4. Wilfred Chan
    5. Wilfred Chan
    6. Wilfred Chan
    7. Wilfred Chan
    8. Wilfred Chan
    9. Wilfred Chan
    10. Wilfred Chan
    11. Wilfred Chan
    12. Wilfred Chan
    13. Wilfred Chan
    14. Wilfred Chan
    15. Wilfred Chan

  11. Anonymous

    mirror anyone?

  12. Anonymous

    So there's a "Deeds Not Words, LLC" registered with NY State. Is this the front organization for the Sachems? Or some other random dude?

    • Anonymous  

      hard to say. possibly one of their attorneys. there are also many registered LLCs with "sachem" in the name. there are also sss ones... or maybe they are some other name entirely.

  13. ha  

    delete the anti-conor comments all you want. he is a terrible human for so many reasons and my sincerest hope is that he sees these comments, deleted or not, and realizes how much everyone hates him. my biggest complaint about this school is the fact that conor goes here. thank god hes graduating soon.

  14. amirite?

    ...horribly unattractive and snoooze. this "article."
    can they please be known neither by their faces nor their names?

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