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She said her last name was "Puffyfish," but we were suspicious.
She said her last name was "Puffyfish," but we were suspicious.


RD letters went out last week, so Bwog’s bringing back pre-frosh profiles! We hope their idealism and excitement will make you feel less bad about the second round of midterms coming next week. We really can’t wait for them to arrive on campus in August (or April). Our first interview is with Sarah from Colombia.

Hometown: Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia

School: SEAS

Prospective Major: Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science

Prospective Dorm: Carman or Wallach. Or maybe even Furnald.

Why Columbia?

In the long and strenuous college dating hunt, it was my perfect match. Good looks, great personality, proper, traditional values, knows how to have fun…

No, but really. Through the whole process, I aimed very high. I’ve been the kind of person that has worked very hard in school and was looking for those efforts to pull off with college acceptance. In comparison to other top schools, Columbia was everything I needed and more. I don’t think there’s a better deal than an amazing school located in the most amazing city in the world. New York won me over.

How long do you think it’ll take to lose your…


My dignity, I feel, is one of the strongest things about me. It’s quite important to me and I hope to never lose that.

…moral compass?

That’s a bit hard to say, since I’m slightly contradictory in this area.

My morality is a mix of a lot of self respect, a lot of liberal ideas, and quite a few unpopular opinions, so, it could be argued that at times I’ve already misplaced the darn thing, and other times, it’s like I’ve glued it to my forehead permanently.

I have a strange interest in serial killers but promise, I’m not a bad girl.


Haha, I lost my mind ages ago. *Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy plays in the background*

What are you doing with the rest of your senior year?

My plan is to watch a lot of documentaries, make music, go to as many concerts as financially possible, do a bit of traveling ( state and national competitions and the sorts), memorize the constellations, try to not get any more tattoos, finish every comic book I own, perfect my yoga skills, and make it to school some time in between all that.

You’re originally from Colombia. What’s the best Columbia/Colombia jokes you’ve heard since being accepted?

Dozens of “Oh wow, you’re a Colombian…going to Columbia.” Then the giggle.

I have to say “Such Colombia, Very Columbia” has been my favourite.

Not particularly a joke, but, I went to visit my middle school a month or so ago. I was there to give a presentation to 8th graders about my high school. So, in the midst of it all I ran into my old Geography teacher (This guy used to make us call him Dark Scorpion King, mind you. Weird dude.) and we caught up a bit. I mentioned I was going to Columbia for college, and he got this weird look on his face. He said congratulations, all the usual, but still seemed confused. At one point, he asked me what school, and I again, repeated Columbia. He still seemed dubious.

It wasn’t until another teacher I had spoken to before came by and explained “in New York City, Brian. The Ivy League?” That he had the great revelation. To which he said “Ooooh okay okay. That makes more sense. Yeah, I mean, I was about to ask you why on Earth you would go back there to study…that’s weird.”

It was funny, I promise.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Welcome to Columbia, Sarah!
    CS is a lot of work but also lot of fun and very fulfilling-- I'd absolutely encourage you to pursue that. :)

  2. prefrosh thinks

    this is a great way to find potential hook ups #excited

  3. question  

    where are her tattoos?

  4. cc 16

    sarah, enjoy your last few months before college. columbia is great, but it's the last time you'll be around your family and high school friends in the same comfy way. but get excited for mohi!

  5. umm  

    are her outfit and antlers in the pic supposed to be a reference to True Detective?

  6. thank god  

    i'm not graduating this year

  7. Anonymous  

    not to be weird but is anyone getting a true detective vibe from that photo

  8. Anonymous

    I used to be that pretty before I came to Columbia :/
    3 years here has been hell — my soul has been ripped from my body.
    Sarah — for your sake, you still have time to change your mind!

  9. She'll be that hip girl dtown  

    NYU East Village Girl lost at Columbia. Medillin is In

  10. my kingdom  

    for a kiss upon her shoulder

    jk i'm gay

  11. Anonymous

    Emmm... The correct order is Medellín, Antioquía, Colombia. Do your research, Bwog.

  12. MGTOW

    "I have a strange interest in serial killers"

    You and every other girl i know.

  13. Is this real?

    Is this how eighteen year olds talk nowadays?

  14. Sarah's Dignity

    Despite reports to the contrary, I fully expect to be lost during NSOP in the vicinity of 114th St. Please excuse and accept this clarification.

  15. HispanicPanic  

    Colombians Represent! Thank you for continuing the stereotype that we're all beautiful

  16. Borat  

    I like her, very nice! How much?

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