EDM DJs The White Panda to Headline Columbia Music Fesitval

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Chicago and LA-based EDM DJs The White Panda will the headlining this year’s Columbia Music Festival, the awkward Wednesday concert in Roone Arledge Auditorium at 8 pm (doors at 7:30, so plan to get in line earlier than that) on April 9th. Students don’t need to pick anything up from TIC but should bring CUID and have it ready at the door.

Opening for White Panda are Vonzie, Dwai, Nøvachørd, and DJ Klassius Klay (because everyone is a DJ), and the music festival promises free t-shirts to the first 300 people who show up. Here’s the Facebook event. It says to wear neon.

In honor of the upcoming return of Game of Thrones, we hereby present “Diamond Thrones,” a mashup of the GoT theme and Rihanna.

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  1. Damn It  

    Can Columbia please just get one real band to play for the music festivities??? lest all the edm rob us of experiencing real, dynamic, emotive, live music

    • Disclaimer: Electronic Music Lover  

      I disagree with the assumption that all EDM lacks "real, dynamic, emotive, live" elements but do agree that the DJs that we've generally been exposed to at Columbia events (3LAU, White Panda, local DJs) lack these elements if only because they're starting out and the current trend in the scene is Big-Room House that's meant for festivals and large shows. There's a lot of good Progressive, vocal Electro, Trance, etc. that has real and emotional elements. There's a lot of Dubstep, Moombah, and Trap that has dynamic elements. A lot of DJs like Boys Noize, Laidback Luke, Diplo, (GAIA and Jack U from this past Ultra weekend) who do live mixing and it's actually really exciting to listen and dance to. Please don't generalize a massive spectrum of genres and music that fall under the misnomer "EDM".

      • Anonymous  

        OK fine--but that doesn't really mean that every single act should be of this genre or some sub-genre of it...

      • also  

        there are acts like RJD2, Wax Tailor, Parov Stelar, Grammatik, Apparat, Modeselektor (and their collab Moderat), and even Glitch mob, whose production is mostly electronic, but who aren't your typical trance/house EDM and sound more traditional then there's pseudo also very different sounding pseudo 8bit etc. overall, electronic music is exteremely versatile, and it's not right to say that most new/upcoming artists do big-room house. it's just a shame we're getting such a narrow selection

  2. Agreed, but  

    I believe the primary issue is funding rather than preference. Bands typically cost more than EDM acts/rappers because the more people, the more money they want. And with bands there are additional costs in production as well.

  3. really?  

    60k in tuition and Columbia can't afford to get a band? we had snoop dogg 3 years ago. you can't be saying that he is cheaper than any other prospective artist.

    "extra production costs" - such a joke. what you have to pay a sound guy?

    the epitome of bullshit. get new people on the bacchanal committee. the current ones are clearly incompetent if they can't handle getting a band

  4. voice of raisin  

    hey man don't sweat it. edm still remains undeservedly popular and pervasive to the point of nausea. that one bwog comment isn't gonna change anything.

  5. Shutup  

    To the person who wants A real band - the white panda isn't EDM. They're a goddamn mashup duo who use a whole variety of music from pop to rock to hip hop to country, so calm the fuck down you don't know what you're talking about.

  6. Anonymous  

    "what you have to pay a sound guy?"

    first: it should be "how much do you have to pay a sound guy?"

    second: you have to pay them a lot actually. especially when setting up multiple instruments and vocals.

    so don't run your mouth about things you don't understand.

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