2 drunk 2 see Leo

2 drunk 2 see Leo

Be healthy: Seeing Barack and Joe break a sweat is a sure fire way to make anyone want to spend a couple extra minutes on the treadmill. (The State Column)

Get drunk: Don’t worry—bottomless brunches are still legal in New York and it is still socially acceptable to be tipsy by 11am on a Sunday. (Gothamist)

Be healthy: The tofu option at Chipotle will now be offered in most New York stores beginning on Monday. Hooray! (The Huffington Post)

Get drunk: The (un)official Oscar’s 2014 drinking game is out. Bwog’s body is ready. (LAist)

Chipotle will never be healthy, so Bwog is siding with the boozy life. Happy Sloshed Sunday.

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