You can do better.

You can do better.

The story of yesterday morning’s building explosion in Harlem continues to get worse, and now has its own Wikipedia page. (CNN, Wikipedia)

A potential new medication to treat anorexia has been announced, a great possible first step toward furthering biological treatment rather than the disease’s mainstay talk therapy. (Time)

Way to go, House of Representatives. (The Washington Post)

Less sarcastically: way to go, White House! (Reuters)

Take your mind off midterms and the news; enjoy a burger of lamb heart tartare, quail egg, sardine aioli, trout roe, beet chips, capers, and avocado oil. (BuzzFeed)

Shut the door. Have a seat. Mad Men will be back in a month. (Entertainment Weekly, Wikipedia)

Sadness on a bun via Shutterstock.