This was totally what our spring break was like...

This was totally what our spring break was like…

We know you have all been eagerly awaiting to hear what Bwog did for spring break.  Well boy do we have some riveting stories for you.  Ok maybe not.  Bwog did have some very interesting experiences this break whether in NYC, at home, or in some far away warm place (loljk).  As always,  be sure to send in your stories to, or use our anonymous tip form.


  • “Nobody is at 1020. Left after a few minutes and a convo with a statistics professor. Glad I’m not a stats major.”
  • “Tried to go to Mel’s, but people were still sitting down and eating, so that was a bust.”
  • “Saturday none of my roommates were back yet, so I finally made friends with the suite across the hall over a bottle of sangria we still had in our fridge.  Desperate times call for desperate measures AKA being forced to meet new people.”
  • “Spent friday night in Williamsburg with a friend getting ice cream sandwiches at The Meatball Shop and drinking wine on a pier with an amazing view of Manhattan.”
  • “Got carded at Milano for the first time, and felt pretty sad about losing that streak.”
  • “Went to the opera with my mom (first time at the met, not the first time seeing an opera) and I seriously can’t believe it but it is probably cheaper than 3D movie tickets. Like why have I not been going more often? Also saw all the game of thrones cast because I guess I just spent my entire break in the area around Lincoln Center for some reason and just so happened to be there during the premiere red carpet.”
  • “All my female friends left so I spent the break eating a lot of meat and drinking a lot of beer. It was gross, but actually super fun.”


  • “A Nebraska story: Last saturday went to the gay bar Karma, which is also the only 19+ place in Lincoln, Nebraska to go dance.  Drank shitty tequila beforehand crouched in a closet out of the bottle.  Then because my friend doesn’t understand how going out works we got there way too early at 11pm.  There were maybe five people total dancing, but thanks to the combination of tequila, knowing that I won’t be back home until Christmas, and my passion for doing interpretive dance to bad club music, I spent two hours giving no fucks and dancing like a maniac to bad Katy Perry remixes.  And then I bemoaned the lack of public transportation as we ran fifteen blocks in heels and not enough clothes because it had started snowing.”
  • “I pregamed my friends’ sisters’ adult league soccer game. It was probably the most fun I have ever had at a sporting event. (Mostly because I was drunk and kept walking around)”
  • “I went to a bar and met the cast of Turkish Survivor (my Turkish friends completely freaked out).”
  • “Bought drinks at a gas station in Florida and had to come to the uncomfortable realization that you have to worry about drinking and driving if you don’t live in New York.”

Miscellaneous adventures

  • “I played Settlers of Catan for the first time. I lost.”
  • “I saw former Commander of the ISS and my personal hero Chris Hadfield in real life!!!!”
  • “Made a fake ID at village copier (yay arts and crafts) and went out for maybe the second or third time EVER that very same night. It somehow worked.”

Beachy beer beauties via Shutterstock