Field Notes: Kittens Are Forever

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So some people went to bars and stuff this weekend, but more importantly THIS FIELD NOTE HAS A PICTURE OF A REAL LIVE KITTEN. That’s all. (Oh yeah and be sure to send in any and all party testimonials, weird overseens, and sad date nights to [email protected], or use our anonymous tip form.)


The party never stops

Pre-Kitten Listserv

  • “Last night I went to an NYU party that was themed after the seven deadly sins. The bathroom was labeled ‘wrath.’ ‘Lust’ was a tiny closet with a chair in it and condoms all over the floor.”
  • “Last night I crashed an OMA event for the free pizza, then marathoned 30 Rock until I fell asleep.”
  • “Health services told me to pretty much not do anything but spend the night in bed with nasal spray. Much Grey’s Anatomy was watched. Much tears were shed.”
  • “The bars and fraternities were surprisingly busy last night. Good job Columbia!”
  • “Finally met the three other suites of my Plimpton floor by throwing a party with a trashcan full of jungle juice.  Good times were had by all.”

  • “Ventured to the East Village for the first time to see a show at UCB, then ate Mexican food in Williamsburg.  Promptly stayed in Morningside Heights for the rest of the weekend.”
  • “Visited a friend staying at the Sheraton for Model UN.  Soooo many thirsty Midwestern boys.”
  • “Sig Chi and Delta Sig apparently had big parties that people went to and enjoyed and had fun at.”


  • “I saw — on a stoop, then went to sig chi who were charging at the door. Excellent dance floor for a while before the sweatiness became unbearable. Mel’s after and my memory stops dead there.”
  • “Got incredibly stoned three nights in row and some of Sunday morning. Went to a friend’s apartment one night (beyond wild/learned about India), went to Brooklyn another (a bust, alas) and went to a band party Saturday night with a good friend’s older sister. Stoned, all of it.”
  • “— and I got to pet kitties last night!! We drank wine and then walked to a friend of a friend’s off-campus apartment, where she fosters cats! We spent an obscene amount of time petting little tiny kittens and it was so fantastic!!”

Post-Kitten Listserv

  • “This is Blue #ourblue” (In regards to above adorable kitten)
  • “Kittens are forever.”
  • “Omg kitten. I stayed in my suite and played 10 hours of Skyrim. #noshame”

  Ramen nightmares via Amsterdam late Friday night

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