So some people went to bars and stuff this weekend, but more importantly THIS FIELD NOTE HAS A PICTURE OF A REAL LIVE KITTEN. That’s all. (Oh yeah and be sure to send in any and all party testimonials, weird overseens, and sad date nights to, or use our anonymous tip form.)


The party never stops

Pre-Kitten Listserv

  • “Last night I went to an NYU party that was themed after the seven deadly sins. The bathroom was labeled ‘wrath.’ ‘Lust’ was a tiny closet with a chair in it and condoms all over the floor.”
  • “Last night I crashed an OMA event for the free pizza, then marathoned 30 Rock until I fell asleep.”
  • “Health services told me to pretty much not do anything but spend the night in bed with nasal spray. Much Grey’s Anatomy was watched. Much tears were shed.”
  • “The bars and fraternities were surprisingly busy last night. Good job Columbia!”
  • “Finally met the three other suites of my Plimpton floor by throwing a party with a trashcan full of jungle juice.  Good times were had by all.”

  • “Ventured to the East Village for the first time to see a show at UCB, then ate Mexican food in Williamsburg.  Promptly stayed in Morningside Heights for the rest of the weekend.”
  • “Visited a friend staying at the Sheraton for Model UN.  Soooo many thirsty Midwestern boys.”
  • “Sig Chi and Delta Sig apparently had big parties that people went to and enjoyed and had fun at.”


  • “I saw — on a stoop, then went to sig chi who were charging at the door. Excellent dance floor for a while before the sweatiness became unbearable. Mel’s after and my memory stops dead there.”
  • “Got incredibly stoned three nights in row and some of Sunday morning. Went to a friend’s apartment one night (beyond wild/learned about India), went to Brooklyn another (a bust, alas) and went to a band party Saturday night with a good friend’s older sister. Stoned, all of it.”
  • “— and I got to pet kitties last night!! We drank wine and then walked to a friend of a friend’s off-campus apartment, where she fosters cats! We spent an obscene amount of time petting little tiny kittens and it was so fantastic!!”

Post-Kitten Listserv

  • “This is Blue #ourblue” (In regards to above adorable kitten)
  • “Kittens are forever.”
  • “Omg kitten. I stayed in my suite and played 10 hours of Skyrim. #noshame”

  Ramen nightmares via Amsterdam late Friday night