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Grade distribution across subject areas

Grading across subject areas

[email protected]—a website allowing students to see grade distributions for a variety of Columbia classes—has recently debuted a search function and a new design (we hope it involves comic sans).

The website, founded by Daniel Liss, CC ’16, allows students to input into an online database the A-range percentages available on their transcripts, which can easily be downloaded from SSOL.  The hope is that enough students will enter their information that the website will include the grade distributions for nearly all Columbia classes.

According to Liss, [email protected] has already received the distributions for over 600 classes, which is considerable in light of the fact that Columbia offers about 300 courses per semester.

Liss is also running for the position of CCSC University Senator.  You can read information about his campaign here.

Dat graph via [email protected]

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  1. wow

    political move, Liss. Not impressed.

  2. CC14  

    No way I'm typing in all that information. Please have a feature where you update the pdf and it fills in all of the information automatically, preferably with a strong privacy policy that does not collect any identifying information from the transcript.

  3. BC '16  

    there should be a way for barnard students (who don't use ssol) to be able to enter their information

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