School of Public Health Drama?

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Bwog recently received a nice nugget of gossip about Dean Linda P. Fried, dean of the Mailman School of Public Health.  Rumor has it that she will be resigning sometime in the near future.  Read the tip, from a “student and administrative assistant affiliated with the institution,” and see for yourself.

I have recently been privy to conversations between administrators discussing the search for a new dean. I have overhead from conversations between Dean Fried and her press aid Peter Taback that she has been receiving reprimands from the Board of Trustees for her inability to adapt the school’s finances to the decreasing grant money provided by the NIH and other federal funds. Recently Dean Fried and her staff took a trip to Paris to visit INSERM to ask for grant money that could not provided by the US government. This visit was not fruitful and ended up costing the school a considerable amount of a money. A decision has been made about Fried’s departure, and it will be announced in the next few weeks.

This failure to adequately shift budget priorities has had a hugely negative impact on PhD students like myself. They have been terrible about giving aid to students and also recently began to fire faculty members who could not finance eighty percent of their salaries with grant money.

LOL April Fool’s.

The dean herself via Columbia.edu

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  1. mailmanofficeaid?  

    Happy April Fools', Bwog.

  2. dumb shits  

    this was a prank

  3. anon  

    just another ordinary day bwog publishes absolute non-truths.

  4. so,  

    is this true or no? Has the infamous Bwog fallen for a fake tip?

  5. Anonymous

    The School of Public Health does need to increase its profile and fundraising, nonetheless. She has done a terrible job at getting big donors.

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