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"Looks like it's just you and me here on out, Ben."

“Looks like it’s just you and me here on out, Ben.”

Wait, Barnard offers “financial aid”? What’s that? Lauren “Demonstrated Need My Ass” Beltrone went to Monday’s SGA meeting, which was all about da money. Here’s what you maybe don’t already know.

After Financial Aid Office Director Nanette DiLauro and Dean of Enrollment Management Jennifer Fondiller introduced themselves, the meeting got right down to business. This year, Barnard received more international applicants than ever, so it only follows that this year Barnard accepted more of them than any other year. What’s better than lots of international students? International students actually getting financial aid to come to Barnard! While all domestic students are guaranteed 100% of demonstrated need, international students don’t get the same promise. From 2004 to 2013, however, we’ve seen a huge increase in the percentage of international students getting aid. According to DiLauro, there’s never been a student (domestic and international alike) who’s had to leave because financial aid. Quick, email your parents with the good news!

On a different note, one rep asked about gender in relation to filling out the FAFSA. Basically, leaving a student’s gender blank on the FAFSA is an option, but the form automatically checks whether the gender matches the one given for Social Security information. Since SS cards still make you answer male or female, there’s no way around providing Barnard with your gender. Both administrators suggested that a student in this situation call Barnard and explain what’s going on.

DiLauro and Dean Fondiller also told us about Barnard’s objective to become more conscious of language barriers. Since orientation means families visiting campus, Barnard has recently begun offering a bi-lingual orientation for Spanish-speaking families.

After a quick go-around of committees sharing news, the meeting moved to its next topic: the SJP banner conflict. The reps spent quite a bit of time discussing and analyzing the responses gathered by the survey sent out last week. They got ready to vote on the issue later that night during the internal meeting. As you saw in your email inbox Wednesday morning, SGA released their official stance.

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    The world wants to go to college in New York. Its the best place to be.

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    I know for a fact that several students have a have had to leave Barnard for financial resins, do not even give me that utter shit, you assholes at financial aid.

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