The Elementary School of Mines

Farewell from the Elementary School of Mines

This week’s ESC meeting featured some always appreciated Thai food as well as some inspirational parting words from President Sidd Bhatt. While we can’t promise you any of the delicious food, we can promise you a comprehensive report from our very own Aparajita Maitra.

Last night’s ESC meeting was bittersweet: the seniors are leaving forever and new council members are coming in. But everyone seemed to be in a good mood, since there was an abundance of food from Thai Market at the meeting—free dinner for all.

As the council took bites of Thai food, important issues were discussed. Changes are taking place at Student Affairs. No one is filling the position of Dean of Student Affairs right now, so students will report directly to the deans of CC and SEAS in the newly named Office of Student Life.

The Maker Space opening reception will be held on Friday, May 2 at 11 am in Mudd. The reception is open to all students who want to be introduced to the resources (a laser cutter, drill press, 3D printer, and more!) that will be available to them when the Maker Space opens.

SEAS the Day is on Furnald Plaza on Saturday, May 3rd from 12 pm to 2 pm. Come for free food, free mugs, t-shirts, sunglasses, and cool project displays by different engineering student groups.

Here are the class apparel updates:

  • Juniors sold approximately 175 School of Mines shirts.
  • Sophomores are still selling SEAS 2016 tanks—order before tonight!
  • Freshman class t-shirt sales have ended, and distribution will begin Monday.

Before ending the meeting, the council announced paper plate awards (where the award description is written on a paper plate and is thrown out to the middle of the room so people can guess which ESC member it is for) and Bwog picked its favorites:

  • The “Only SEAS Kid in a Play” award
  • The “Most Likely to Graduate as a Real Engineer” (aka not majoring in IEOR) award
  • The “Most Likely to Swag like No Other Human has Swagged Before” award
  • The “Most Likely to Channel Michelangelo during Meetings” award
  • The “Most Likely to Order Dominoes and Use the ESC Email Address” award

The meeting closed with seniors getting emotional and sharing a few words about their college experiences, the general consensus being: “I’m glad I joined ESC.” President Sidd Bhatt gave everyone some final advice: “Fight for what you believe in, keep fighting, and don’t give up.”

A youthful farewell via Shutterstock