"I'm a future world leader!"

“I’m a future world leader!”

Barnard’s SGA election results were just announced via email.  Not all posts were filled, so some will be available for application in the coming weeks.  Below are the positions, names and UNIs of the new officers.

SGA President
Julia Qian | jq2210@barnard.edu

VP for Student Government
Sarah Shuster | scs2173@barnard.edu

VP for Campus Life
Shivani Vikuntam | sv2399@barnard.edu

VP for Finance
Pascale Dugue | pjd2121@barnard.edu

VP for Communications
Emily Klein | esk2154@barnard.edu

University Senator
Erin Bryk | eb2799@barnard.edu

Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees
Alejandra Figueroa | af2672@barnard.edu

Representative for Campus Policy
Sienna Walker | sw2859@barnard.edu

**Representative for Diversity
A proposed amendment can change the position to Representative for Equity and Inclusion for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Mei Suet (Michelle) Loo | ml3414@barnard.edu

Representative for Student Services
Elisabeth Stam | ejs2188@barnard.edu

Representative for Arts and Culture
Emily Shoyer | ers2193@barnard.edu

Representative for College Relations
Margaux Charmey | mmc2231@barnard.edu

Senior Class President
Layla Tavangar | lmt2162@barnard.edu

Senior Class VP
Riya Thekdi | rht2111@barnard.edu

Junior Class President
Deanna Arpi Youssoufian | day2120@barnard.edu

Sophomore Class President
Rumana Kasime | rak2157@barnard.edu

Sophomore Class VP
Shravya Reddy | skr2144@barnard.edu

On top of all of that, the email tells us that the following positions are open to application, with more information being sent out “later tonight!”

Junior Class VP
Representative for Campus Affairs
Representative for Academic Affairs
Representative for Information and Technology
Representative for Student Interests**A proposed amendment can change the position for the 2014-2015 academic year.

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