This is Bowie to Bowie Do you hear me out there, man?

This is Bowie to Bowie
Do you hear me out there, man?

Recently President Obama and BoSox heavy hitter David Ortiz snapped a selfie together in good spirits. However it was then revealed that it was all a ploy by Samsung to get a POTUS selfie taken with their phone. The White House has now openly criticized Samsung for the shameless self-promotion. Who knew a selfie could cause such a ruckus? (Twitter) (The Boston Globe) (BBC News)

It’s an exciting time for astronomers and biologists of life, as strong evidence of a large underground body of water, quite possibly warm, on one of Saturn’s moons has emerged. Just in time for this discovery, North Korea has announced the creation of their space program, which totally is not a NASA knockoff. (Washington Post) (CNET)

The world continues to descend into chaos. With sizable balls of ice falling from the sky and the hope for peace degrading quickly, everything seems exactly as fucked as it should. (Washington Post) (Wall Street Journal)

Sun, Earth, and Man via Wikimedia Commons