Suck it, #OurBlue. Back in the day, Columbia was proud of its lack of school pride and brazen celebration of illicit activities. In fact, it has become something of a tradition on the twentieth day of April for Bwog to dig through its archives and dredge up memories best forgotten of undergraduates long graduated. Warning: this video contains obscenity, drug use on the steps, and offensive comments made towards Barnard women. So basically a typical night in Carman.

The mastermind behind this video, Kevin Karn, is still making movies but the rest of the stars remain unnamed. If you recognize yourself (literally not figuratively) in this video, email us at for honor and glory. Also, don’t forget to catch the annual Bacchanal 4/20 Screening at Ancel Plaza, 8 pm. It’s Pineapple Express.