Remember that time during Lupe’s set when he pretty much called us out on our drama and supported conflict resolution between Israelis and Palestinians (and the US?) In case you were too drunk and blacked out at this point in the show, Lupe brought up three students—one holding a Palestinian flag and one holding an Israeli flag (and a third with an Adbusters flag—why?)—and began to address the issue we can’t seem to get over right before his final song, “The Show Goes On,” in which he references the Gaza Strip. Lupe told us that “us political science and government majors” need to “figure this shit out.” If only we could, Lupe… But really, this shit was far too real to handle towards the sloppy end that was Bacchanal. Are we really all friends now because Lupe said so? Probably not after he repeatedly referred to the women in the audience as “bitches,” but good try.

Here are some photos from when it all went down: