Hallowed be thy alcohol

Hallowed be thy alcohol

Some say that strikethroughs are stupid tasteful. Some say that Bwog overuses them doesn’t use them enough. And some just don’t give a shit don’t give a fuck. What are your feelings? Anonymously share them below and live in Bwog infamy. (And send in your tips to tips@bwog.com, or use our anonymous tip form.)

When isn’t the band weird awesome

  • “I heard there was a stripper pole in an EC suite last night, and the band might have been involved.”
  • “Two bandies got fake married on the steps of St. John the Divine. It was awkward because people were streaming out of a late Easter service, and there were two NYPD officers who came over when the band’s singing got too loud. The reception did indeed have a stripper pole, which was surprisingly sturdy.”
  • “I challenged a guy to fight because he was heckling me about how I RESCUED ( not stole) his Matsuri goldfish at a previous party and now I have a bruise above my right eye. But I won.”

You Seem Boring Boring

  • “Went to Pennsylvania to visit my best friend at his school. I saw a LOT of squirrels. I saw a squirrel at my bus stop. I saw a baby try to play with a squirrel. I saw a dog bark at a squirrel. I saw a squirrel sitting on a recycling bin. I saw a squirrel sitting on a copy of the New York Times. I saw a squirrel on top of a small building. I saw a squirrel eating some yum.”
  • “Just saw a mouse in the Mcbain 7 bathroom. It literally ran right between my feet AND IT WAS THE SCARIEST THING EVER OH MY GOD.”
  • “I drank some alcohol and went to sleep. Pretty standard night.”
  • “Saw a Columbia public safety officer having an argument with two guys over whether they could sleep on the john jay vents.”
  • “In the Barnard public safety shuttle, the driver and a girl try to figure out a code system so that she can ask for a lift to different bars even when his supervisor is in the shuttle.”

You Drank When? Where?!?

  • “Bwog had a crazy party in Butler 404 with tons of snacks.”
  • “Three undergrads crashed a SIPA party on the 15th floor of the IAB last night. Went back to EC to find their friends, and then they all went back in. Free booze. Interschool-mingling. Hot & interesting older people.”
  • “Played some Bar Golf with friends, then went to a shuffle board bar in Brooklyn. It was closing when we got there so we couldn’t actually do any shuffle boarding. We went to a 1020-esque dive bar around the corner and messed around with the jukebox for the rest of the night.”
  • “Bwog had a sexy party in butler as I’m sure you all know.”
  • “Went out with the GS students in my nonfiction workshop to one of their apartments on the UWS. Played with a cat, had decent beer, talked about how ‘the Bronx is totally the new Brooklyn’ only semi-ironically. Went to a bar that had beer pong, watched bros play badly. Good night.”
  • “Smuggled an Arnold Palmer bottle that was full of wine into Butler. Re-created scenes from Butler Gone Wild.”
  • “Just saw a group of girls taking a selfie with the CAVA crew in the ambulance.”
  • “Went to a CIRCA party at Vareli. Arrived at 12:30, everyone was already drunk out of their minds.”
  • “There also seemed to be a party going on on the last floor of IAB but I wasn’t able to check it out.”
  • “Ended up at cannons last night and spent the whole night hanging with a guy who looked exactly like cartoon Hercules, including the chin and flippy hair. I wanted to say something about it the entire night (“do you realize you look exactly like a cartoon demigod???”) but decided it would be rude/ weird.”

Give and Go Green

  • “Took a day trip upstate to climb a mountain while celebrating 420.”
  • “Nothing got too crazy but I guess I learned that you can make 420 friendly frosting which changes pretty much everything.”
  • “A friend and I smoked stuff that didn’t belong to either of us alone in a room that didn’t belong to either of us…. Then I must’ve doubled M2M’s revenue.”


Columbia tradition via ShutterStock