Something like this

Something like this

CCSC has recently granted the the Lion Credit Union Initiative (LCUI), a group working to build a credit union for the Columbia community, placement of an initiative on the next ballot.

The group hopes to work with individual student councils, graduate schools, faculty and staff, and students to demonstrate support for the creation of a not-for-profit, democratically-operated credit union.

In order to receive a charter to begin working toward setting up a credit union, LCUI is required to demonstrate significant community support for their cause.  They are hoping the upcoming ballot initiative will do just that.

LCUI already has 1000 answers to their preliminary survey, with around 94% of responders supporting a credit union.  LCUI will be promoting their initiative outside of Butler from 8 pm to 12 am tonight.  We know you’ll already be there studying, so why not check it out?

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