Tastes good, who cares?

Savory, delicious ambiguous meat product

We’re always down to eat (especially in the vicinity of 1020), so we were pretty excited about Pita Grill, a new restaurant across the street from St. John the Divine. We sent gyro guru Artur Renault to sample the menu and write haikus about it.

As the spring now blooms,
So does a new restaurant;
Pita Grill’s upon us.

A diverse menu;
It has schnitzels and rice bowls
And even tacos.

Hummus, oh hummus,
The hopeless choice between
Three kinds of hummus.

Oh, the lamb gyro.
It’s better than halal carts’
Although much smaller.

Falafel pitas
Are only three dollars each
Can this be real life?

Mid-meal reflections:
Are regular walls cheaper
Than these cool bare bricks?

The menu says beef;
The burger tasted like lamb
What should I believe?

Some things taste like soap;
the iced tea and the tabbouleh.
Steer clear.

It is right next to
Insomnia and 1020.
Get dessert and drinks!

Overall cheap;
And some things are very good,
But it’s a gamble.

Meaty goodness via Shutterstock