Requiescat in pace, eBear

Requiescat in pace, eBear

Monday’s SGA meeting was cut really short due to Passover this week, but Barnard Bureau Chief Lauren Beltrone was there anyways to keep you in the loop.

Before delving into the real stuff, here’s a reminder to vote (again) on today. Probably because too many Barnard students were having separation anxiety and didn’t successfully transition out of using eBear, your vote yesterday didn’t count. As per SGA’s email, voting began today at 9 am and will be extended until the 21st at noon for those of us celebrating Passover.

After all the voting drama was squared away, the Senior Class Council talked about their proposition to translate this year’s commencement speech into other languages. Even though it seems totally reasonable to translate the speech into Mandarin and Spanish (our two most represented languages other English), the SCC is running into some opposition.

According to Dean Hinkson, Cecile Richards could make significant changes to her prepared speech as she’s giving it, and for that reason we shouldn’t translate the speech into Mandarin and Spanish beforehand. While the SCC is still working with the administration to provide translations in coming years, this year’s speech will be Google translated into every language imaginable and made available online after the ceremony.

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