ESC, upon the entrance of VShow

ESC, upon the entrance of VShow

This week’s ESC meeting was especially eventful with a surprise Varsity Show ambush. The ever ebullient engineer Aparajita Maitra gives you the lowdown.

Yesterday’s ESC meeting had some exciting hidden surprises, starting with an appearance by the Varsity Show. No wonder ESC looked unusually enthusiastic in their SEAS gear. ESC was told to stand in one giant clump and pretend to be friends while Varsity Show publicity chairs filmed them for their promo video. Bwog joined, of course, not wanting to miss out on the festivities. President Sidd Bhatt assured everyone that was the most amount of fun they were ever going to have at an ESC meeting.

Other visitors included a representative from Lion Credit Union initiative (the people who have been outside of Butler tabling over the past 6 months) to talk about a resolution, as there were over 1200 responses and an overwhelmingly positive response rate to credit union.

Alpha Kappa Psi—a pre-professional fraternity with over 60 students—stopped by as well, looking spiffy in suits, to talk about their issue of getting recognition and how they want support from ESC and CCSC. They have been trying to get recognition for two and a half years, and ABC and ITC have both been resistant. Who doesn’t want to be legitimate on campus?

Other updates:

  • VP of Communications Jillian Ross is planning a CULPA-thon in Lerner with snacks in John Jay to encourage students to write about classes they took last semester.
  • A SEAS the Day event (tentatively on May 3) will be showcasing four impressive engineering projects: Quadcopter, Go-Kart, ChemE Car, and Mech Robot.
  • Steps Week is still on for a day or two since unreal weather last week inhibited ESC from handing out all their items.
  • Seniors are making SEAS boxer shorts and needed to discuss wording at the meeting. Originally, “SEAS ME” was going to be written on the back of the boxers but might be changed to “Ask before you SEAS me “ because it seems more appropriate.
  • Juniors are selling $5 School of Mines shirts. Sales close tonight at midnight.
  • Freshman had a successful Pop-Tarts on the Grass event on 4/20, going through all the food in 1 hour. More importantly, they are selling SEAS Class of 2017 t-shirts until Friday at the TIC.

Be at the next ESC meeting. Lerner’s Satow Room, Monday at 9:30 pm.

The most fun ESC will ever have via Shutterstock