Once a year, Speccies dress up like they’re in an episode of Gossip Girl and head to their Annual Awards Dinner. The dinner this year was held in the New York Athletic Club, which is the kind of place where if you enter wearing sneakers you have to take the servant’s elevator. We’ve heard reports that it’s pretty lavish. Recently, we discovered just how lavish; Spec’s donors/alumni spent $28,148.50 on dinner, drinks and a venue for the 200-person fundraising event. Says the Post:

The funds generated from the auction, along with the $250 entrance fee, are for more than Speccie keggers; they’re an essential part of keeping the 138-year-old paper, which has been financially independent from the University since 1962, afloat.

We don’t want to spend more time thinking about how awkward Spec’s keggers would be, so here’s the event invoice.
spec $$
All Bwog has is lots of snacks at meetings, so yeah, we’re jelly.