Too classily presented. We just want a pint carton.

Too classily presented. We just want a pint carton.

You may have survived your first final yesterday, you probably have a shitload of studying left to do, but in any case at least it’s the weekend. Take a break and crawl into bed with Bwog to appreciate ice cream and the sounds of the 60s.

Bwogline: Mmmm sweet cold Blizzards are coming to Manhattan. Too bad it will just miss your time of intense stress eating. (Gothamist)

Finals tip: We made it through the drudging agony of reading “week,” and now it’s Sloppy Study Break Saturday! Take the night off and have fun, because you’ll be back in your parents house shortly. Monday is far, far away.

Procrastinate: You probably only read the headlines anyway, so have some headlines.

Music: Celebrate 60s Saturday with some lively tunes.

Overheard: We hear you, dude, it’s hard getting by without Mom. At least you’ll be reunited soon.

“Before she would just unquestionably do my shopping. Now I send her some pics for suggestions.”

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