Shining stars, all of you.

Shining stars, all of you.

Last night, Bwog’s top student government celebrator Joe Milholland went to observe CCSC’s last meeting of the year.

The Final CCSC Meeting of the year featured the traditional plate awards.

The Awards:

  • Zach Vargas Sullivan (2014 Class Representative) won “Most Real” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to scare the freshman” and “most likely to cut a bitch”

  • Sarita Patankar (2014 Class Representative) won “Most likely to stand her ground” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to react during meetings”

  • Joanna Kelly (2014 VP) won “Best hair” Honorable Mention: “Most cat-like”

  • Conan Cassidy (2014 President) won “Senior not to mess with” Honorable Mention: “Most orderly” and “Most likely to come back next year”

  • Jackson Tse (2015 Class Representative) won “Most Wifed-up” Honorable Mention: “Most fashionable” and “Most likely to be an undercover CIA agent”

  • Kareem Carryl (2015 Class Representative) won “Most modest about how hard he works” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to be at the Heights”

  • Liam Bland (2015 Class Representative) won “Most well-spoken” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to flail his arms” and “Most likely to have nice things to say when he chooses”

  • Uchechi Iteogu (2015 VP) won “Best side-eye” Honorable mention: “Most under-the-breath-comments”

  • Michael Li (2015 President) won “Most likely to be friends with Zach” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to care while not caring”

  • Anne Scotti (2016 Class Representative) won “Brightest Ray of Sunshine” Honorable Mention: “Best event planner” and “Most likely to be an awesome mom”

  • Richin Kabra (2016 Class Representative) won “Most likely to steal your heart away”

  • Grayson Warrick (2016 VP) won “Best jawline” Honorable Mention: “Worst jawline”

  • Ramis Wadwood (2016 President) won “Best rapper about cats” Honorable mention: “Most calming demeanour” and “Most innovative” and “Best combination of likes (ie, rapping about cats)”

  • Abby Porter (2017 Class Representative) won “Best to bring home to Mom & Dad” Honorable Mention: “Best teeth”

  • Annette Finnegan (2017 Class Representative) won “Most likely to ask for clarification” Honorable Mention: “Niest [sic]”

  • Sheila Alexander (2017 Class Representative) won “Best dancer” Honorable Mention: “Most eclectic”

  • Chris Allison (2017 VP) won “Most slow-mo” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to have a video diary”

  • Anuj Sharma (2017 President) won “Most Ramis-like” Honorable Mention: “Most low-key”

  • Daniel Liss (Alumni Affairs Representative) won “Most likely to be the next great inventor” Honorable Mention: “Most innovative” and “Most likely to make a soliloquy”

  • Mary Joseph (Pre-pro Representative) won “Most likely to convince you to buy something from Macy’s” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to bring up her personal life”

  • Chris Godshall (Student Services Representative) won “Most likely to be quietly sassy” Honorable Mention: “Most knowledgeable about the Arab-Israeli Conflict”

  • Loxley Bennett (Student Services Representative) won “Most likely to do good in the world” Honorable Mention “Happiest cast member” [Note: This was supposed to be “Happies CCSC member,” but bad handwriting interfered with the award’s name]

  • Nora Haboosh (Academic Affairs Representative) won “CCSC VP” Honorable mention: “Baddest Bitch”

  • Ben Xue (Class of 2014 Representative) won “Best attitude” Honorable mention: “Most likely to be handing out t-shirts at any given time

  • Marc Heinrich (University Senator) won “Most likely to be at a meeting” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to bring a Milano’s salad to a meeting”

  • Jared Odessky (University Senator) won “Most likely to be asked to be part of a selfie in 30 years” Honorable Mention: “Constitutional God”

  • Peter Bailinson (VP of Communications) won “Most likely to be older than everyone” Honorable Mention: “Most adorbs”

  • Brianna Saddler (VP Campus Life) won “Best heart to heart” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to pull of menswear”

  • Bob Sun (VP Policy) won “Most likely to be on route to Canada” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to stage a coup” and “Most likely to put the icy in policy” and “Most likely to be trolled for no reason”

  • Daphne Chen (President) won “Most likely to Bing it” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to look like The Shit in a Mickey Mouse t-shirt”

  • Noah Schwartz (VP Finance) won “Best looking CCSC member in a track suit” Honorable Mention: “Most likely to say cool-cool” and “Most likely to have the best work in finals” and “Most likely to not know who I am”

The council also approved the constitution change for the Academic Affairs Representative brought up in the last meeting.

At the end of the meeting, President Chen praised the council for improving over her four years. “You should be damn proud of yourselves,” she told the council.

After the speech, the new E-board of Peter Bailinson, Sejal Singh, Michael Li, Andrew Ren, and Abby Porter, took their seats at the head of the Satow Room’s conference table. Porter promised to work on “polling” and the “space-booking process.” Singh promised “more available” resources for sexual assault and psychological help. Li promised to “make what is existing clear.” Ren promised an Event Planning 101 event in the fall and work on College Days. He also wants people not on the council to be on committees. Bailinson promised to do “big projects” and work with council members, and he ended the meeting by thanking Daphne Chen.

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