You’ve been there. You might be there right now. Here’s a compilation of the most horrifyingly dark tips we’ve gotten so far this final’s season.

Please don’t hurt anyone:
Dear girl who told me to be quiet when I was talking to my friend in my lounge,

It’s super awesome how you passive aggressively asked me “to please just be quiet” and then turned around and STARTED READING KANT ALOUD TO YOURSELF. Seriously so awesome. Please keep being yourself and definitely don’t go die in a hole.

In all seriousness though, I might literally murder this girl. It is 2 am. I am not fooling around.

We got you:

that's dark dude

that’s dark dude

there’s a sophomore who openly admitted to hating dogs call him out for it in front of the entire school

A guy on one of the armchairs outside of the ref room is watching a video of a woman having an ultrasound

Ugh, too classic:

Somebody projectile pooped all over a toilet stall in schapiro. key word here is stall, not just toilet. #saturdaynight #gohardgohome #finals

Sorry for your loss:

Some motherfucker just pulled the fire alarm in the Barnard quad. Don’t these bitches know finals start tomorrow morning?
OH evacuating the quad: MY ORGO NOTES ARE IN THERE!!!

Very sad:

Overseen: *** Anonymous Speccie*** falling asleep in my very small Philosophy seminar :( Spec needs some rest!

Assorted dark photos:

And the piece de resistance. A gallery of people sleeping in the Barnard Library: