Bwog received several tips that a water pipe burst in JJ’s Place, leaking about an inch of water into the kitchen area. The manager reportedly yelled that people shouldn’t touch wires.

We also heard that the flood was from all the rain New York’s been getting today, which makes sense: Bwog spotted a few leaky ceilings in Mudd and McBain too.

If you have more pictures, please send them to! We hope that everyone stays safe and that this doesn’t affect tomorrow’s Surf and Turf.

Update 1:51 am: Columbia is really having some issues with water damage tonight. A tipster on John Jay 14 reports that leaks are causing their ceilings to peel off. Apparently, one student has even been relocated to EC for the night (which sounds like an upgrade to us). We would like to remind the disgruntled residents of John Jay 14 that it really could be worse.