For our final wave of Senior Wisdoms, we’ll be hearing from a group of people near and dear to our hearts: graduating Bwoggers. Up first to share her wisdom with the world is Alexandra Svokos, former Bwog Editor in Chief and future ruler of the world.


Alexandra Svokos

Name, Hometown, School, Major: Alexandra Svokos, Franklin Lakes, NJ, CC, Economics and Creative Writing

Claim to fame: I got a little involved in college journalism. But you probably know me as that annoying opera fanatic. Or something.

Where are you going? All the way to the top.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2018?

1. Sometimes nonfiction writing workshops are quicker and more effective than CPS appointments.

2. Don’t stay friends with anyone who kisses you and calls it a mistake.

3. You guys are so weird. Also a serious word of advice because a surprising amount of people don’t get this: if you put your name on something on the Internet while you are in school — even if it’s just on a college news blog — it will stay there forever (yes, even after you graduate).

“Back in my day…” we all knew every word to Nicki Minaj’s verse in Monster. And all of the deans were different; don’t forget your institutional memory.

Justify your existence in 30 words of fewer: Are you still reading this?

Write your most memorable note from the field: Hey Ahmed remember how we first met when I crashed that Carman party with Mikayla, Celina, Nicole, and Priya, and then you punched Cameron? When my friends and I ran away, I swiped two bottles of champagne.

[Sidenote: Avvocato (hi, love you, couldn’t have done it without you) and I couldn’t decide between the name “Field Notes” or “Notes From The Field” for that series. I was really hoping “Field Notes: Notes From the Field” would stick.]

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? I’m Greek and Italian. I think I would quite literally starve to death.

One thing to do before graduating: Perfect your 5-minute full makeup routine.

Any regrets? No regrets, just room for improvement.

Well — I regret that my sisters and I don’t take normal pictures so I’d have something halfway decent to use here. I wish I’d thanked my parents more, but, again, room for improvement. And Mica (my perfect roommate of 4 years) and I should’ve gotten a panini maker at some point. Oh, and I should’ve started every paper a week earlier than I actually did. But otherwise…