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Dean Awn has lots of school spirit. We love Dean Awn (remember this?)

Peter Awn, BAMF

Slow down there:

freshman boy coming out of ruggles on Monday night with freshman girl: “that one shot really hit me so hard right now. wow, i’ve never felt like this before”

Truly disgusting:

“There’s a couple nuzzling and kissing at the financial aid info session….how have these people already found each other???”

Drink responsibly, kids:

Sweet dreams

freshman boy with orange wristband in plain sight passed out alone at a table for over an hour at cannons on tues night. lots of people went over to check if he was ok, to which he responded, “oh yeah hi I’m totally fine my friends are here with me” #nslop

Glowsticks update from the rave:

“so today at the rave there was a dude who stuck glowsticks in his fro. i didn’t photograph this beauty, i apologize.

also there were 20,000 glowsticks which seems ridiculous.”

It gets better, young one!:

“I’m so ready for NSOP and all of these forced friendships to be over.”

Bwog admires the dedication to laziness:

lazy“A first year pulled a chair up to the corner of butler plaza to smoke”

Same, kids, same:

A group of first year girls standing aimlessly with their orientation books in hand in the Lerner lobby “so…does free stuff include food?”

Worst. Freshperson. Ever:

“I would’ve preferred to go to Harvard or Princeton”

So classic NSLOP:

A thong laid to rest on 114th and Broadway

One too-suave-for-school freshling’s night at a Pike Party:

Tonight, my roommate and I decided to venture to our first ever Columbia frat party.

At first, it was what I pictured as a typical Columbia party –lame freshman mingling around and chugging watered down jungle juice (I had to pour a shitload of cheap vodka in mine just to make it drinkable). I endeavored to find weed because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stay sober. Honestly, most nsop carman parties are probably more lively than this frat party was.

I heard fellow students talking shit about Barnard girls when they filed in. Apparently, their mass attempt to enter East Campus created a bottle neck at the entrance, as someone had to sign them all them. As a woman in CC, I thanked the heavens that I am not a Barnard girl. (I even heard the phrase Barnard to bed, Columbia to wed within my first ten minutes at Pike). I saw a group of Barnard girls drink one glass of warm kool aid (aka pike jungle juice), get drunk, and start dancing on the table.

Eventually, it picked up a bit. Word spread around, and it got disgustingly crowded. I became a little tipsy, but I was not drunk enough to stay.

All in all, it was an interesting night. Next time, I’ll definitely go into the city, but most freshmen’s attempt at getting drunk was endearingly cute. The Barnard girls intrigue me. I feel like I’m supposed to hate them.

Commenters, what do you think? Are Columbia women supposed to hate Barnard girls? Just kidding—please do not debate that in the comments.