It looks like the controversy over Columbia’s efforts to prevent sexual assault is starting to have an impact on alumni giving. Calvin D Sun, a former President of Columbia College Young alumni and prominent donor, wrote a public Facebook post last Wednesday declaring:

If there are existing institutions in place that impede reporting of sexual violence on campus, then I as a John Jay donor, former President of the Columbia College Young Alumni and human being, will cease all alumni giving to my alma mater until this matter is addressed appropriately and absolutely.

Sun also calls on fellow alumni to cease their contributions. The post has over 1,000 likes.

It seems that Sun is not alone. Columbia’s Alumni Calling Center, which is responsible for reaching out to alumni to share news and solicit donations, distributed a flyer to student callers with a scripted response to questions about gender-based misconduct or Emma Sulkowicz’s art piece, as well as background information about her case. After parroting the “active steps” that have been undertaken, student callers are to complete a comment form “if necessary,” then continue their call as usual. “As I was saying…”