columbia is trying to be more like 19th century france

Rolling chairs are ~retro~

Dear Bwog,

What’s the deal with the rolling chairs? Does everyone have to get one?

I like rocking like a grandpa in my old chair.

– Declare Chair Repair Unfair


Dear Declare,

From what Bwog has been able to discover, some dorms had all of their old desk chairs replaced with the new rolling model over the summer. Others still haven’t made the switch. And in a few, facilities seems to have gotten halfway through the replacement process. Ultimately, we suspect everyone will have to make the switch. As the saying goes, “Gather ye rocking chairs while ye may….” Enjoy those fleeting moments with your chair while you can, and hope that your dorm doesn’t make the switch for another semester or two.

For those of you whose chairs have already met their untimely doom, the easiest way to get your chair back may be to see if a friend in your building, or a nearby building, still has the old model and wants to trade. Bwog has to agree that the new chairs are much flightier than the old model. When it comes to standing on your desk chair to hang some string lights, you can plan for the rock, but you can’t plan for the spin.


What happens when you get gout via Wikimedia.