Even the dog knows your sins…

Walmart accused Tracy Morgan, claiming it was his negligence that caused his injuries in the June car crash. The Walmart driver was apparently awake for 24 hours before the accident. Whose fault is it, anyway? (Yahoo!)

At the U.N., Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of war crimes and Netanyahu accused Abbas and other world leaders of failing to recognize the aims of militant groups like Hamas and ISIS. What else is new? (Huffington Post)

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s outgoing president, accused the U.S. of betrayal in his farewell speech. He warned Afghani officials not to trust America, as it has “its own agendas and goals.” Ashraf Ghani will replace Karzai on Monday. (NYT)

NC State coach Dave Doeren accused Florida State of faking injuries. FSU coach Jimbo Fisher accused Doeren of “not knowing what he’s talking about.” Great comeback, bro. (ESPN)

But that look….via Shutterstock