Dear Friends, RIP. -xoxo, the iPhone

Dear Friends, RIP. -xoxo, the iPhone

Editor’s note: Bwog readers, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge that earlier this week, Alexander Pines resigned from his role as Features Editor of Bwog. He will continue in his position as a Senior Editor at The Blue and White, where we wish him the best. — Julia

Remember all those conversations you wanted to have with your friends strictly with emojis? It’s now possible. (Huffington Post)

A new Apple product release, like Columbia students, can’t go on without a good protest. (CBS LA)

Apparently dead celebs can be resurrected to endorse products? Joan, we do miss you. (CNN)

OMG!! Someone dropped an iPhone!! (Chron)

49 Turkish hostages were released by the Islamic State this morning. They used drones, not iPhones. Apparently iPhones can’t do everything; this is news to Bwog. (NY Times)

 Your seventh grade phone via Shutterstock.