People and our animals. So candid.

People and our animals. So candid.

Big Lots has taken product review to the next level. In their ad, they have created a “Pet Focus Group” to better determine the quality of their products. Needless to say, there was a slight loss of communication. (Adweek)

The Staten Island Zoo attempted to coverup the death of groundhog Staten Island Chuck after he was dropped by Bill de Blasio. Turns out, the conspiracy goes deeper, since Chuck did not die, but only a stand in, named Charlotte. (New York Post)

So Europe used to put animals on trial and execute them. Most often pigs, but even locusts and weevils. (Wired)

In Tierra del Fuego, Guanacos are threatened by government sanctioned culling. Ranchers, trying to defend their livelihoods, are at odds with animal rights organizations. (New York Times)

Talking to your dog via Shutterstock