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Bwog’s Attempt To Create Art For Morningside Lights

The Pillsbury Twin. This is why we got dirty looks when we left. We tried, okay?!?!

The Pillsbury Twin. This is why we got dirty looks when we left. We tried, okay?!?!

Bwog sent two of its artistically inclined  daily editors to check out the scene at Morningside Lights, a community arts festival. Check out their stunning lantern interpretation of the broadway sheep, and their experiences with additive light!

Bwog ventured into the land of the artistic on Friday in celebration of the Morningside Lights Festival. Upon walking into the event, I had zero idea what the festival was for. When I left, I still had zero idea what Morningside Lights is. Let us take a moment to thank Google. Basically, Morningside Lights is weeklong event in celebration of the arts led by the Professional Arts Workshop; it ends with a processional of lanterns in Morningside Park created by the participants in the workshop. You can learn more at Bwog Dailies created one of those lanterns.

When we walked in, it was difficult to notice we were the only people in the room who were not 5 or under, or the parent of one of those children. We also were not given any instructions by anyone, so we kinda just went for it. Note of advice: don’t do that; you do not know how to make a lantern correctly.

Our assignment was to make a lantern of the “broadway sheep.” I have no idea, either. We began expertly cutting out our tissue paper strips, and our sheep really started to look stunning. However, since we missed the tutorial, our sheep was all wrong. Literally ALL WRONG.

The director of Morningside Lights had to pull us over and explain that black tissue paper cannot be used in lanterns because it ruins the “additive light effect.” Whatever. We decided to screw it and continue illegally using our black tissue paper because we had spent two hours obsessively cutting our sheep. We got yelled at. This is why our sheep looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy; it was a last minute type of situation. They really ruined our artistic high. The color scheme drawing they gave us was also super misleading. I think it was really appropriate and not immature of us to blame them.

All in all, it was a great experience, though. Making a lantern was very therapeutic after that emotionally scarring first wave of assignments. The kids around us were also having a fantastic time, and Morningside Lights is a great way to bring the community together and give exposure to the arts. I’m sure the lights will look absolutely wonderful when they are displayed, minus the one that Bwog is responsible for (sorry, not sorry).


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