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Chronicles Of Existentialism: Toilet Running Forever

“And if this be madness in the multitude, it is the same in every particular man. For as in the midst of the sea, though a man perceive no sound of that part of the water next him, yet he is well assured that part contributes as much to the roaring of the sea as any other part of the same quantity: so also, though we perceive no great unquietness in one or two men, yet we may be well assured that their singular passions are parts of the seditious roaring of a troubled nation.”

– Thomas Hobbes, The Leviathan

What about the roaring of a toilet? Our tipster said that this toilet was flushing continuously for over 30 minutes. Is this a symbol of the student body’s rising frustration with Facilities/the Columbia bureaucracy in general?

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  • Hobbes says:

    @Hobbes was not an existentialist!

  • This says:

    @This made me wet.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous i remember when chronicles of existentialism actually featured existential quotes


  • hmmm says:

    @hmmm No, it was not an accidental occurrence with interesting symbolism– it was just someone very , very full of shit.

  • jakeboy says:

    @jakeboy Yeah, give us more bathroom stories? we can’t get enough of them.

    if it’s not sexual harassment, we’re being fed shit by Spectator and Bwog. Nothing that would challenge us to think. hmm.. I though that’s why we’re here for.

    1. wow dude says:

      @wow dude u have a massive stick up ur ass

  • Flushed Away says:

    @Flushed Away One of the toilets in my Nussbaum suite has been running continuously since the beginning of the semester

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