Looks good from any distance

She looks good from any distance

The weather this weekend was in more of a late August-fashion than that of late September. And how did we choose to bask in the unexpected warmth and sunshine? Whatever weather the first weekend of October brings, we always want to know where you’ve been over the weekend at tips@bwog.com. 

Activities in the Manhattan home base:

  • Surprise run-ins: “Saw a friend at an NYU dinner party I hadn’t been in touch with since last year. We caught up on a drunken Odyssey back to the one, stopping at a sex shop she had always meant to visit and a waffle truck I had aways meant to try. A night of fulfilled promise.”
  • Surprise, we have a class together: “I met a guy at 1020 who’s in the same compsci class as I am and he gave me some tips for the homework.” 
  • Unexpected extended comfort: “Treated myself and went to see a movie with some friends at the 84th AMC theater. My butt is still thanking me for sitting in those heavenly red chairs.”
  • Surprise guest appearances: “Went to Global Citizen Festival, Jay-Z brought out Beyonce, and her hardcore dance moves caused her shirt to bust open at one point. It was the most fortunate wardrobe malfunction ever, and one she naturally masked with grace.”
  • Surprisingly sobriety doesn’t enhance skill: “I had drunk heart-to-hearts in foreign languages on the fire escape of Watt last night…I find that I can speak much more fluently when I’m not sober.”
  • Surprise run-ins, continued: “I got limearitas at M2M and ran into the entire ISO.”