If you got a mass text message from Emergency Services, its because false fire alarms are going off throughout campus. Public Safety has been sent to investigate, and both they and we will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.

Public Safety also released an identical email: “There has been a series of simultaneous false fire alarms in various buildings on the Morningside Campus.  Public Safety is investigating.  Updates to follow.”

Buildings where fire alarms went off include Dodge, Fayerweather, Avery, and Butler. Students are being let back into Avery. Said one public safety officer, “It’s probably a technical issue.” The same officer mentioned a power surge as the most likely cause.

Update, 4:50 pm: Public Safety has just sent the following email: “There is presently a smoke condition in Butler Library.  FDNY is responding.  The remaining buildings in alarm are now clear to be reoccupied.” A text shortly followed this email, stating, “The smoke condition in Butler Library is being investigated by FDNY. The cause appears to be overheated equipment in the basement. There is No fire.

Update, 5:04 pm: According to a Public Safety officer outside of Butler, “It was just a small electrical fire that spread to a pump and then made the whole building go off. You might smell a little bit of something when you go back in.” Students will be let back into Butler shortly.

Update, 5:06 pm: Public Safety text message alert: “The smoke condition in Butler Library has been corrected and the building can now be safely reoccupied.” However, the fire alarms in Fayerweather are still going on.

Update, 6:09 pm: The alarms in Fayerweather and Schermerhorn are reportedly still going on.

If you have any information or know of any buildings where alarms are going off, please let us know at tips@bwog.com.