The only sweaty stock photo that's not too gross

The only sweaty stock photo that’s not too gross

Bwog has discovered that Class of 2018 has a lot of feelings about Furnald. They share them below.

Temperature Titan Caroline Mansour tells us about the great Furnald AC outage of 2014.

Remember last week when it was 90 degrees outside? When first years rode the heat wave all the way to their first days of class (characterized by the Iliad, fledgling alcoholism, and trademark confusion)? Of course you remember. Trying to sleep with a fan in your bed is not something you easily forget.

Now, let’s rewind a couple of months: before arriving on campus, each young Lion chooses a dorm. It doesn’t take too much Googling to find out that Carman is an alcoholic wasteland, Furnald is an antisocial void, and John Jay is an awkward middle ground. The LLC is not worth mentioning. For me, the choice came down to air conditioning. Yes, I chose Furnald for the AC. But, like a nightmare come true, the air conditioning went down three times. We went through the hell of living in an oven John Jay, but worse because we still had to walk for our food. Without sweet amenities, Furnaldians had no air conditioning and no friends. It got so bad, some poor souls trekked to Butler even when they didn’t have to study. The air was fixed by maintenance three times before it started working and order was restored, but not before some questionable hookups were had with some questionable Carmanites, a phenomenon known as “banging for AC.”

Second, Frisbee Fanatic Anna Lochte gives us the perspective of some old men who were living it up with a frisbee outside Furnald. 

The class of 1965 ultimate frisbee team is back together. (Well most of us at least, Harry died last year of a heart attack and Fred isn’t allowed out of the nursing home, but for the most part, we’re all here.) We were hoping to wear our old uniforms but unfortunately many of us “expanded” since we last wore them. We decided to meet in front of Butler. I arrived a bit early so I spent some time watching people go in and out of the library. The kids these days wear such strange clothes.

When the boys arrived, we broke up into two teams. We tried to split ourselves up as evenly as possible. No one wanted Larry on their team so I bit the bullet and picked him for mine. He was such a good player back in the day, one of our main scorers; but now he can’t remember much of anything and he doesn’t walk too well after two knee replacement surgeries. I’m not sure he even remembers his own name let alone our names. He had an aid accompany him but I was still worried he’d fall over and die during the game but luckily he didn’t. That would’ve been a real bummer.

We used the Jefferson statue by Furnald as one endpoint and Hamilton as the other. The goal was to get the frisbee between the legs of the statues. I tell you, that was a lot harder than I imagined. It’s easier to get between John’s wife Marge’s legs than it is to get the frisbee between Jefferson’s. By the end of the game, we were drenched in sweat and Larry’s aid had to bring out the wheelchair. I was surprised to see so many people out and about by Furnald. Back in my day, Furnald was the dormitory for the boys who wanted to study all the time. They went to bed at nine and woke up at five. Now the boys in that dorm seem to be accompanied by young ladies. Furnald boys with girls? The times really have changed.

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